by | Jul 22, 2019 | Shouts

28 Reasons

What could be funkier than Vulfpeck and Zaska releasing a song together?

Absolutely nothing.

Every day for the next 28 days (starting July 22nd) I’ll be posting a reason why we should do this collaboration and why it would be so stanky!

You can see the reasons on my socials, or head on over to the VULFPECK + ZASKA page to see the buzz.

Welcome to all the ledgebag Vulpeck fans who’ve just discovered me. I hope you have a listen and are diggin’ the stank.

If you’d like to have a Vulfpeck and Zaska collaboration become reality, please put your support out there on social media so that the lads will see what a glorious thing this would be.

Thanks for your support, you magnificent humans 🎸