ZASKA serves up a feel-good blend of modern funk, neo-soul, and jazz. Max Zaska is the guitar-wielding songwriter at the helm of this supergroup of talent with a rotating roster of session players and rising stars from across genres in the Irish music scene.

Max Zaska

Guitarist / Composer / Lyricist / Bandleader / Arranger / Producer

Max Zaska is a guitarist, songwriter, musical director, and producer best known for his feel-good blend of modern funk, neo-soul, and indie jazz.

With his band, ZASKA, Max brings his original songs to life with Ireland’s rising stars, beginning with his first vocalist, Hozier. His critically acclaimed debut album, It Takes A Village, features over 25 performers including Wyvern Lingo and Loah..

Max Co-Produced ZASKA’s second album, A Better Way, to be released in 2022 and is themed around sustainability. It features vocalists Tolü Makay, Faye O’Rourke (Soda Blonde), Melina Malone, J Smith, Jess Kav, Carly Coonagh, and Precious Okpaje (Super Silly). The band is made up of long-time collaborators Dylan Lynch (Soda Blonde) on drums, Neil Dorrington (Tolü Makay) on bass, and James Smith (Gypsies On The Autobahn) on piano, synths, and percussion..

In 2021, Max Zaska Produced, Co-Wrote and was Musical Director of the ambitious collaborative project, MåsExödus. Blending contemporary jazz with hip hop elements, the project culminated in a studio album, a live album, and sold-out shows at the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival with guests Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Denise Chaila. A concert film produced and directed by legendary hip hop photographer B+ (Brian Cross) and his company Mochilla. The albums and film will be released in 2022..

As Musical Director for live shows and broadcast performances, Max worked with R&B rising star Tolü Makay in 2021, and Choice Prize-winning hip hop phenom Denise Chaila and her narolane label-mates God Knows and MuRli in 2020..

Named one of Ireland’s best guitarists, Max Zaska has a B.A. in Jazz Performance from the prestigious Newpark Music Centre (DCU) in Dublin and has played with jazz legends in Brazil, Italy, and Canada..

Max Zaska lives with his wife and 3 young children in the Kildare countryside..

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More than 50 musicians have played as part of ZASKA since the band formed in 2010. Some of these absolute legends include:

  • Andrew Hozier-Byrne (Hozier) – Vocals
  • Karen Cowley, Caoimhe Barry, Saoirse Duane (Wyvern Lingo) – Vocals
  • Sallay Matu Garnett (Loah) – Vocals
  • Emma Garnett (Fehdah) – Vocals
  • James Smith (Gypsies On The Autobahn) – Vocals
  • Jess Kavanagh (BARQ / The Waterboys) – Vocals
  • Carly Coonagh – Vocals
  • Charlie McCabe – Vocals
  • Precious Okpaje (Super Silly) – Vocals
  • Louise Gaffney (Come On Live Long) – Vocals
  • Keith Fennell- Vocals
  • Nichola Hegarty – Vocals
  • Dylan Lynch (Little Green Cars / Soda Blonde) – Drums
  • Tommy Gray (BARQ) – Drums
  • Cote Calmet – Drums
  • Neil Dorrington (BARQ) – Bass
  • Tommy Moore (Haiku) – Bass
  • Kevin Higgins (Mescalito) – Bass
  • Luke Dunford (Chief Keegan) – Keys
  • Johnny Taylor – Keys
  • Oisín Murtagh (Kojaque / Booka Brass) – Tenor Saxophone
  • Sam Comerford – Tenor Saxophone
  • James Doherty (Booka Brass) – Trombone
  • Paul Kiernan (Booka Brass)- Trumpet