Direct Provision Guitars Update

by | Aug 24, 2019 | Journal

Delivering Music and Happiness

It was like Christmas in August at the Hazel Direct Provision Centre when I delivered the long-awaited instruments to the residents!


After the amazing fundraising effort that raised €4100 to buy guitars, accessories and other instruments for the residents of the Hazel Direct Provision Centre in Monastervin, I was excited to deliver the results.

I received the instruments from Savin’s Music at the beginning of August that included:

  • 26 guitars – some left-handed, and some child-sized
  • Guitar bags, tuners, strings, and wall hangers
  • 2 keyboards

Wasting no time, I loaded up my car with the boxes and brought it all to the centre. There was such an awesome feeling of excitement in the room as we unboxed it all together and the residents were introduced to their new instruments, carefully putting the guitars into their cases.

I’m still teaching once a week at the Hazel Direct Provision Centre, but now I’m running 2 classes: one for adults, and one for kids.

There is roughly €1,000 left in the account from the fundraising. A few more residents have expressed interest in learning, so I may buy a few more guitars and keep some in reserve for their general upkeep.

I can’t thank you all enough for this incredible thing you’ve done. Because of you, the residents now have access to play music whenever they want it (not just the time I’m there to teach) and that’s such a great thing.

(Read about the Direct Provision Guitars fundraising campaign here.)