Behind The Song

Awakening is the opening track of the album that see’s my daughter Iza speaking about littering and how it makes the world sad. This kicks off the theme of sustainability which is wha the whole record is about. I love this track because we came up with it in the studio on the spot when we were recording a whole different song! We were trying out different approaches for a later track called “What are we doing” and settled on this dirty glitchy type groove which suited the chords real nice.

James Smith the producer then came up with the filthy horn line that comes in at the end which is literally just 1 note played in different octaves and as soon as I heard it I loved it! We do a longer live version of this track which you can hear below with an awesome solo by the incredible Matt Halpin. This is how we start off most concerts these days 🙂

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Lyrics / Credits

01. Awakening (1:27)
Music by Maximillion Zaska, James Smith, Dylan Lynch Lyrics by Maximillion Zaska

Lead Vocals – Max Zaska
Backing Vocals – James Smith

Additional Voices – Iza Knee Zaska Guitar – Max Zaska
Bass – Neil Dorrington
Drums – Dylan Lynch
Synth – James Smith
Trumpet – Paul Keirnan Saxophone – Ryan Hargadon                                   
Trombone – James Doherty

Music by Maximillion Zaska, James Smith, Dylan Lynch

Lyrics by Maximillion Zaska

© 2021 Zaska Music

There is a better way

There is a better way

There is a better way

Better way

Better way



We started growing food about 4 years ago and have learned more and more about it with every year that passes. It is without a doubt the most fulfilling work i’ve ever possibly done (maybe even on par with making music) sowing the seeds and then watching them flourish into delicious healthy organic food! It’s actually magic! We sectioned off a whole part of our garden into a separate veg garden and made lots of planting boxes and also got a green house delivered off a 2nd house website. 

This year we grew, potatoes, white/red cabbage, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, leeks, beetroots, tomatoes, courgettes, broccoli, a good few herbs & some other bits I cant quite remember! Growing food is definitely the biggest thing were doing here in the commune to help with climate change. Growing food means there is no pesticides used, no carbon  emitted from the transport and also no plastic packaging. It also keeps the soil nice healthy which in turn stores the carbon captured from the plants which is a major win too! We stil have a long way to go before becoming fully self sufficient but try to get a good bit of our food from local farmers too which is what I talk about in the next section 🙂