The pandemic has changed things.

My income is majorly disrupted. Your income may be disrupted too.

Here are some LOW-COST and FREE ways that you can show me amaze balls support.

Let me know how I can support YOU. Get in touch any time. 

Stay safe, keep well, and look after each other.

Much love,



Help me pay some billzzz.

My live gigs have been canceled or pending. My wife, Char, and I are both self-employed with incomes from teaching. We have moved what we can online, but it will take time to rebuild what’s been lost.

If you can afford any of these low-cost ways to show support, it would be very sound 🙏. If you can’t afford it now, there are free actions you can take that genuinely help too.


    Visit my Bandcamp merch store :

    Buy digital downloads of ZASKA music from:


    If you’ve enjoyed my music, videos, or social content you can tip me any amount that you can afford.

    There are 3 ways to send a tip: 


    Actions that genuinely help.

    I know that you’re asked all the time to take little digital actions – follow! stream! join! subscribe! – and that shiz can get annoying.

    Here are some explanations about how the free actions that you take are not just so I can stroke my ego, but actually help me stay in touch with you and to earn some dollazzz 💰.


      Joining my mailing list helps me to build a closer relationship with you and is an essential part of building a sustainable music career.

      • The emails I send 1 to 4 times a month will rarely try to sell you something
      • I like to share news about my projects and life and simply say, “what’s the buzz?”
      • It’s not just one-way. I love reading the replies to my emails
      • Having an email list is the best way for me to contact you directly, rather than the see-by-chance method of social media

      For the inside track on craic: Join The Village


      Music streaming pays less than a penny a play, but it does add up over time. So, please stream my music. Please also:

      • Follow ZASKA on streaming
      • Add a ZASKA track to a playlist
      • Share a ZASKA song on socials

      These things all help the platform’s algorithm robots 🤖 notice my music which results in more exposure, helps me gain new fans, and leads to more streaming and more sweet, sweet revenue.

      Find ZASKA on all streaming platforms including:


      • Subscribe to my channel – I need at least 1,000 subscribers to be able to make money from ads on YouTube (Step 1) [I’m almost there!]
      • Watch my videos – My channel has to have at least 4,000 watch hours in the prior 12 months to qualify for advertising revenue (Step 2) [4,000 hours = 240,000 minutes = 80,000 x 3-minute videos views!]
      • Click the bell – turning on notifications after you’ve subscribed will alert you each time a new video is uploaded to my channel so you won’t miss a thing
      • Share my videos – helps new people discover my music who might become fans and increases the watch time for my channel
      • Like my videos – helps the YouTube robots 🤖 recommend my videos to others
      • Comment on my videos – YouTube likes to see activity and I’d love to hear from you


      You can find @zaska.music on Instagram and @zaskamusic on Twitter, and Facebook

      • Follow me – helps me stay in touch with you
      • Share my posts – helps me grow my audience
      • Like my posts – helps the algorithm recommend me to others
      • Comment on my posts – lets me hear from you and the 🤖 likes it too

      Thank you for your support, you legend.

      Wishing you and your loved ones peace and good health through these cre cre times.

      Get in touch any time.