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Move On Up (Extended Live)

ZASKA’s extended live cover of Curtis Mayfield’s 1970 funk classic Move On Up is a 12 minute funk-jazz experience.

Direct Provision Guitars Update

I delivered music and happiness to the residents of the Hazel Direct Provision Centre thanks to YOU! The first guitars and keyboards are in hand.

TBT: Ralph Rolle Jam

In February 2017, I was invited to jam with legendary drummer Ralph Rolle who plays with Chic and Nile Rodgers and was in the Apollo Theater’s house band for over 20 years!


I love @vicenews. I could literally watch it all day, heres an incredible doc on the rising sea levels, America be cre cre


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6 days ago


Found this lil gem of a tune I recorded when I was doing a course in Logic and learned how to sample for the first time.

Haven’t really sampled anything since cas clearly I took the art form as far as it could possibly go 😂 The flush I actually recorded myself at home 🚽

#mcbane #actionundcomedy #thesimpsons #whydomenalwaysleavethetoiletseatup #thatsthejoke #sampling
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1 week ago


It's so nuts that if these bushfires were in ireland, pretty much the entire country would be wiped out! Don't know about you dudes but I'm feeling that #climateanxiety at the mo and it almost freezes me into just hiding away and pretending all is g!

BUT now is defo the time for action and staying positive, everyone needs to do their bit, these next 10 years are going to determine the fate of this beautiful lil planet we all live on!

I saw from Hiatus Kaiyote there is an amazing initiative that supports First Nations people and their 60,000 year old method of back burning which the government should of been implemented all this time and would be a class thing to support! www.gofundme.com/f/arcadia-firesticks-alliance-christmas-campaign

How are you all feeling about climate change? Is there anything you’ll be doing in 2020 to help out with it? Would love to have the chats about it more and we can all inspire each other to take some action!

Images by Extinction Rebellion Ireland and @mattabbottphoto

#TheTimeIsNow #IfNotNowWhen #ActNow #climatecrisis
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